29.01.22, 11–18:30 Uhr
abgesagt: Finsterbusch Collective 2

abgesagt: «Vocalizing the Void» with Philip Neuberger

How do we interact with the digital realm? And who are we behind the screen?

Resonance and vibration are the basis of both our vocal and all digital communication. While in face-to-face interactions, we use the waves of our vocal chords to communicate, our phones, wifi routers and bluetooth devices use radio waves to exchange information. In this workshop, we are exploring the body as a medium of communication as well as discarnate, digital interaction through other media. In vocal excercises, algorithmic writing practices and a screen meditation, we focus on the intersection between our connective tissue and our connective devices. Please bring your smartphone as well as warm sports clothes and shoes.

Sprache: Englisch + Deutsch

Ort: Alte Turnhalle, Lichtensteig

for free / pay what you want

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!  2G+ (please be vaccinated/recovered and tested max. 24h before) !

This event is sponsored by Oertli Foundation and Fondation Nestlé pour l'art